Amanda Marré Brown

Region: Northeast

Website: http://www.amandamarrebrown

City / State: New York, NY

 In my day-to-day experience of the city, I observe moments when what I see contradicts what I expect to be true of a space. When the brightness of the sky becomes a solid, impenetrable form enclosed by two buildings, or when a receding wall jumps forward under the glow of reflected light––these are moments of disconnection and interruption. They are instances when visual sensations allow for a twofold reality to exist: the tangible alongside the intangible; the visible alongside the invisible. The impetus for my work lies in these moments of perceptual ambiguity. I attempt to recall my experience and memory of visual sensation through color, value, perspective, and scale. Spurred by the act of looking, I facilitate a perceptual encounter between the viewer and the painting. A visual experience that pushes the viewer to the fringes of their perceptual understanding of space, one that is simultaneously an experience of interiority and exteriority.