Amanda Burnham

Region: South


City / State: Baltimore, MD

My drawings and drawing installations are founded on my explorations of the city. Often working outside or in my car, I read the landscape for found fragments of language, and, with ink and other water media on paper, I record the poetics of built structures and the communities they frame and contain. I often piece together fragments in a cumulative manner, not unlike the way the urban landscape is collectively authored over time. In my most recent works on paper and panel, structures and detritus from the physical landscape become a metaphorical framework and point of departure for images that enfold an idiosyncratic personal iconography.

My drawing installations expand on these explorations: working with paint-on-paper drawings of found landscape elements as raw material, I collage directly onto built armatures and the surfaces of the gallery space. I further animate the imagery with lighting, resulting in an immersive simulacrum of the city.