Amanda Baldwin



City / State: Ridgewood, NY

The invested attention given to still-life painting by artists over the centuries and its constant reformulation is something I explore within my own work. Objects take on new meanings and symbolize different things to us as we change and evolve as people. Varied degrees of representation and rendering allow me to focus on specific ideas projected onto everyday objects and vessels. Mundane items like fruit and plants can take on anthropomorphic qualities as I enhance and blow up certain forms and colors. Texture, pattern, and layers of depth allow walls, tables, and windows to play within a skewed yet familiar environment. Occasionally, people are found inhabiting these environments. At times acting as co-conspirators, they are also just another element seemingly melding into the scene. Using irregular and incongruous painting decisions, I attempt to bring new considerations to the idea of the still life and its potential as a construct in painting.