Amalia Mourad

Region: Pacific Coast


City / State: Berkeley, CA


Once the world ends, once California is burnt to a crisp, and New York a permanent winter land, and the oceans devour the coasts, and the jungles shrivel up, and humanity disappears . . . God will bless us with another Adam. But he will be named Aaron this time, and he will exist in the third cycle of the world. He will have a beard and a polka-dot bathing suit. He will live in a cave called Kaja’s Cave, which will protect him from the elements. And he will have two best friends, plant pillow and dead dog. One day Aaron will meet Guy, and they will fall in love for a little bit. One night, Guy will find a bottle. “Don’t drink from the bottle!” yells out Aaron. But Guy will not listen and he will drink, and drink, and drink. . . . And soon Guy and Aaron will be stuck in the ghost world.