Allison Gregory

Gallery Affiliations: Elsa Contemporary Art Gallery

Region: West


City / State: Austin, TX

My work is orchestrated by the spatial arrangements of color, line, texture, shape, and pattern. I employ a variety of materials to cover my canvases such as poured acrylic, polymer resin, polyurethane, dripped enamels... at times mixing them all together.

My palette is always bright and alive, with every color combination possible. My pieces are meant to be energetic and stimulating, thus maximizing the overall impact on the viewer. I create intuitively with no predetermined plan or preconceived ideas, while strongly supporting the notion of ‘happy mistakes.’ The physical process of rigorous repetition is labor intensive and time consuming, however once the piece is complete, it reveals a fascinating and complex, three-dimensional layered history. My ultimate desire is to hypnotically engage the observing eye.