Allison Gray

Region: Northeast


City / State: Boston, MA

I create situations that question the specifics of time, place, and orientation in order to mimic an experience of dissociation. To create these situations, I collect endangered fruits that are threatened by industrial farming. Recent species include the Roxbury Russet apple and pawpaw. I encase the organic fruit matter in resin with found plastic materials. This process mirrors natural forms of preservation and also alludes to the geologic processes that characterize the Anthropocene. The fruit’s moisture reacts with the urethane resin, causing bubbles, foaming, and deterioration. As the sculptures harden, these reactions create otherworldly environments.

Using materials like tape, glue, and paper, I insert these resin specimens into still lifes to create scenes resembling apocalyptic landscapes. Painting these still lifes from observation simulates a scientific study of nature and points to moments of truth, both drawing on the symbolism of historical still lifes and conjuring questions about death, decay, artificiality, and human alteration of the landscape.