Allison Evans

Region: Northeast


City / State: Brooklyn, NY

Blending the languages of gestural painting, cartoon sketches, and storyboard frames, my work expresses the personal, social, and sexual anxieties that stem from attempts to navigate conflicting expectations. Within the limited vocabulary of line drawing, every mark conveys meaning. Without seducing the viewer from behind a veil of thick paint or color, I speak as simply and directly as possible.

These paintings are about reduction. They are about not hiding— perhaps ironically so, because I often depict characters whose faces are obscured. However, it is through the protagonists’ blank stares that I confront viewers, subvert their gazes, and ask them to decide whether the paintings are playful, erotic, or disturbing.

Humor helps reconcile such contradictions, allowing contrary ideas to coexist while revealing aspects of reality in their juxtaposition. But unlike jokes, these paintings have no punch lines. Rather, they exist in a state of unresolved anxiety, an acknowledgment of the mixed signals that are inseparable from the experience of being female.