Aliza Morell

Region: Northeast


City / State: Ridgewood, NY

My paintings have a sensory agenda.

The somatic experience of suspension and longing that melodies capture so easily requires a synesthetic approach in pictures. My imagery pulls from the flowers of New York, specifically the rosebushes of my neighborhood, Ridgewood, Queens, which seem to whisper to me. As opposed to narrative, I invoke these forms like a medium. Their color, light, movement, and mood are the true conduits of meaning, vehicles for an experience that resonates in the body.

My process is slow and materially focused, always pushing my capacity for risk and loyalty. I draw and adjust at length, finally cutting and collaging shapes further into place. Everything is hand-painted, through ever-evolving studio experiments and techniques.

The graphic compositions ring of urban signage, designed to entice one inside. The titles function poetically, the sound of the words equal to what they evoke. I hope that the work feels affirming and resolute in its openness, fulfilling a sense of enchantment for all that enter.