Alison OK Frost

Region: Pacific Coast

I paint watercolor scenes composed of “found” images from news sources, old magazines, snapshots, and movie stills. The imagery I paint reflects a shared global experience of humanity’s war on itself and its powerlessness against the forces of nature. Because watercolor is often associated with picturesque landscapes, it is an incongruous medium for portrayal of these dystopic scenes.

The subject matter often deals with the intersection of humans and their environs. Much of my imagery is derived from military uniforms and outposts: I am drawn to the way uniforms and disguises can unburden the wearer of his/her humanity.

I am attracted to the monstrous/humorous appearance of masks and suits worn to keep people safe from their environment. My paintings highlight a resistance to the logical outgrowth of our destructive tendencies, while shedding light on the vulnerability that lies behind these impulses.