Alicia Adamerovich

Region: Pacific Coast

 My works are representations of inner journeys, giving shape to a range of emotions I encounter while in introspection. My paintings, drawings, and sculptural frames anchor the viewer in landscapes of my subconscious, where terrains of apprehension and disquiet bathe in the solace of a full moon’s light. Although my work is rooted in psychology, the images exist in a world that is familiar to me. I paint light and places that everyone, and yet no one, has seen.

Each piece I make drifts along a spectrum between specificity and complete dissociation. Sometimes the images are dreamlike but recognizable, at other times a complete abstraction. Although at times my inspiration comes from a certain personal space, I am not attempting to illustrate an exact event. Rather, I attempt to capture a feeling. Moments when one’s own feelings involve two sides of the coin. A contrast that is impossible to explain with words, but is felt immediately upon viewing: attraction and disdain, joy and pain, expansion and compression.