Alice Raymond

Region: Pacific Coast


City / State: san francisco, CA

In my artwork, I take a pluralistic approach to the relationship between people and space. I was born in Paris and traveled extensively through Europe as a child before moving to the United States as an adult. As a result of my travels, I became interested in maps and how to represent my daily adaptation to other cultures. When I arrived in the U.S., I created a codified language, turning a word into a specific shape. My abstract and geometric shapes define new territories, like intimate maps connecting form, aesthetics, and semantics.

The works I call Language Paintings are made with locally donated house paint on unstretched canvas. The codified words are signs in a kind of native language. The paintings sometimes become volumes, and they design physical areas. The final visual result evokes the vocabulary of an abstract landscape, but more than that, my linguistic works frame the intricacies and diversity of perceptions and map new personal territories.