Alexandra Rubinstein

Region: Northeast


City / State: brooklyn, NY

 Growing up in an immigrant home with two Russian men made me acutely aware of how terrible they are. (Just kidding!) Certainly, that’s a sweeping generalization, but the culture of masculinity in my motherland and here in America leaves a lot to be desired. Building on my previous work of examining male identity and behavior, I am now interested in man’s relationship to land and the gendering of nature that has shaped it. After centuries of exploring and exploiting and calling it destiny, man has used up the planet’s resources, leaving it on the verge of a meltdown. Instead of taking care of Mother Earth, he’s going to get some ‘space’. Although most men aren’t planning escape routes, spreading misinformation, or invading sovereign countries, they do very little to actively counter what is happening to our planet. By taking aspirational male bodies that symbolize traditional ideas of strength and morphing them into the land, I turn them into this very passivity. They are hurdles that disrupt their surroundings; beautiful but useless obstacles, weighed down by apathy and dominated by the shifting elements that envelop them.