Alexander Bostic

Region: South

You don’t know how far a box of Crayola and brown paper bags from the A&P grocery store can take you . . . (Thanks, Mom.)

Art has been my passion since I was a little boy growing up in Brooklyn, New York. I used to go to Saturday art school at Pratt Institute and, after that, I would go to the house of my seventhgrade art teacher, Ms. Ellen Knenzel, in Brooklyn Heights. My work is painterly and representational; I use light and the human form to tell stories. An artist must be able to express the inner dimension of what he has created so that a person viewing the finished work is moved to feel as the artist does. Oil is my main medium, but I also use acrylic, colored pencils, and pastels.

I am a traditional portrait painter. I like for each painting to be an intimate portrait that tells a small story of my subject’s personality. My work is narrative and personal.