Alex O'Neal

Gallery Affiliations: Linda Warren Projects

Region: Northeast


City / State: Cooperstown, NY

My drawings and paintings idiosyncratically describe circumstances associated with being an American: dysfunction, style as empowerment, adoration of nature, Hollywood. The community in my work lives in a fictional Delta City, where isolation increases the opportunity for local superstars and homegrown fashion. It is a deprived, rural landscape, where signs state DIRT FOR SALE. Delta City makes reference to self-taught sensibilities and is a hideaway for flamboyant, rebellious characters. Zealous, glamrock hippies possess unlikely talismans: souvenir clothing and jewelry, migraine auras, and candy-striped objects, including donuts and phones. Personal styles have a shrine aesthetic. Natural adornments, such as pine cones and snails, keep local myths and superstitions alive. Supernatural characters speak star language. Vintage telephones suggest the communicative ability of art and a potential for mischief. Delta City is also a metaphor for the family unit, with its resident anarchists and history of secrecy, symbolized by semi-disguised participants.