Alex Kupczyk

Region: Pacific Coast

 I think of my main body of work as an allegory of life and death told in an unconventional and deliberately obfuscated way. Each individual work is a moment in a vague narrative that appeals to different, and hopefully specific, aspects of what it is to exist as a human.

I feel that my work is a desperate reminder of the reality of nature. In the idea that art can be valid on its own terms in the way nature itself is valid, as well as in the reminder of the madness and complexity of the human experience.

I want to sensitize my viewers to the subtlety and intentionality of art-making, from the smallest visual decisions and materials to the conceptual identity of the work. And in that process, sensitize my viewers to see beauty. Beauty in the commonplace and the ugly. To see if I can make people appreciate, as I do, the vast and intricate world of information that is only revealed through critical examination.