Alejandro Diaz

Gallery Affiliations: HCG Gallery

Region: West

City / State: Irving, TX

My work has evolved from uncomplicated portraits of family and friends to more elaborate multi-layered scenes combining a variety of elements, from references to pop and iconic imagery to the appropriation of segments or the styling of old European master paintings.

I don’t care to elaborate on the intention behind my work, or my aesthetic choices. I leave it to the viewer to play the guessing game. My paintings suggest a possible narrative, but are not definitive statements about anything in particular. A little bit of everything is there, from social justice and politics to the simple appreciation of the color blue, or the wit of Porky Pig.

My process is experimental and there is little to no planning for each canvas. I have a general idea of what I want to paint, but the process determines the final piece. I fight with my paintings, layering paint, scrapping ideas, editing, and re-working an element until it’s just right. Then it ceases to be mine and I turn it over to the world—to breathe.