Alannah Farrell

Region: Northeast

 I make paintings to celebrate the individuals in my community by exposing the personal and collective struggles, fears, and uncertainties we face. Each painting features narrative clues in the form of objects with relevance and historical ties to myself and my sitters. I use humor, honesty, and vulnerability to communicate catharsis and strength.

Since I have a personal connection with my sitters, my paintings are an overview of the ups and downs of their lives. The color is an indicator of emotionality. The objects, sometimes symbolic, are trophies of their accomplishments that may have once been a marker of their struggles.

Continuing in the tradition of artists like Nan Goldin and Alice Neel, who used their community as subject matter, I re-represent the artist community by focusing on young individuals dealing with current issues. Our generation faces anxieties, identities, and ideas that are different from creatives of decades past; ever-rising rents, job insecurity, the Internet, social media, and an expanding language around race, gender, and identity. My work underlines the perseverance of the community and individual spirit.