Alan Siggers

Region: MFA Annual

City / State: Burleson, TX

These are improvisational tunes, no not exactly blues but, flip flop, explore.

Skip, start, run, guided by impulse, aided with a kind of intellect to be decisive.

Finding means possibilities, excitation is easy when forced with a sensibility to arrange.

But, change comes with pleasure, if needed, no need to measure, why? Predetermination.

Sometimes redirected by thoughtfulness, well, wait— forget-fulness, yes thoughtful and déjà vu.

Stimulate, deviate use a recoil switch, gonna match it, gotta play along with it, this is this thing.

Okay, lay low, slow, stop—for a second, look carefully because this is how to work in, on, and around it.

Knowledge of subject matter, color of object known, then constructing this by way of: apply, clarify, certify.

There is now an understanding in the act from above, fun done, reverberate, turn it all back on again, begin.