Alan Caomin Xie

Region: South

Painting is a question: painting is not an answer. Painting is a process, a method, an exercise. Paint on canvas no longer represents the creation of artist's eye. The sight of image on my canvas represents digital eye. It is the dialogue among and between naked eye and electronic eye - this is what is important.

I call each piece in my collection Still Image. I reveal the artificial, simulated and temporal nature of digital media. Pictures from television, video, computers, or other electronic media interlace with paint to make my work. I mimic the television screen. Do not look for meaning within the individual piece, but rather, explore the process of the dialogue I am seeking: static vs. dynamic, retinal vs. digital, and continuing vs. interfering...

Painting is method. I am more interested in thinking about images rather than creating images. Images are all around us, I collect them and combine them and in the process, I make art.