Aitor Lajarin-Encina

Region: MFA Annual


City / State: Fort Collins, CO

I conceive of my paintings, videos, and installations as narrative displays that situate the viewer in a position of estrangement, perplexity, and curiosity in order to open space for subsequent moments of reflection and introspection. Through my work, I present gags, vignettes, or situations that portray everyday scenes infused with a surreal, tragicomic atmosphere. The narrative is open, unwrapped, and unveiled.
The different formal and iconographic elements, color, shapes, textures, elements, characters, objects, and spaces are organized as very balanced ecosystems in which the relationships between the elements create concentration, intensity, and a multiplicity of possible meanings available to the viewer. The narrative elements are suspended in an equilibrium of uncertainty, encouraging the viewer to project meanings and resonances onto them through her/his own subjectivity.
Therefore, my work is a meeting point, an invitation, for me and the audience to play together and explore shared speculative territories of thinking and emotion. It is a space for voluptuous sensorial derivations and analytical or philosophical digressions around and about our contemporary life conditions.