Adam Gabriel Winnie

Region: South


City / State: Decatur, GA

 In my current body of work I seek to develop a greater understanding of the psyche by examining the numinous role darkness plays in our perception and the processes of individuation. The works draw inspiration from descent narratives in mythology while looking to the fields of alchemical psychology and archetypal symbolism for their dialectics, which engage with the unconscious.

My works speak to an omnipresent disquiet, to the restlessness and uncertainty everywhere, forever tentative, indefinite, and in transition. I don’t propose any beginnings or endings, no solutions are offered, and no utopia is alluded to. I’m interested in the threshold, in places where boundaries can be tenuous and in the uncanny connection between terror and the sublime. The subjects in my drawing operate at the precipice, reaching out before them, seeking to transcend their precarious altered states.