Adam Frezza

Region: Northeast


City / State: Brooklyn, NY

Like a poem, meaning sneaks in and becomes everything before and after it slips into nothingness. In a similar way that the fleeting function of words is questioned and utilized in poetry, I question the function of shapes in my drawings and paintings. My artwork deals with pushing matter around, a vain attempt to control my physical reality, and a belief in the myth that there is logic to the formation of the things around me. I am most interested in formless objects struggling to become forms; the moments in between decay and being are areas I meditate upon.

In this series of work, I specifically document niches of the contemporary art world that deal with the fragile divide between festering and flourishing. Each piece is an ardent tribute to artists who, to varying degrees, address the beauty of collapsing. The works are visual odes from a vassal to his feudal lords and ladies.