Adam Benjamin Fung

Gallery Affiliations: Zolla/Lieberman Gallery

Region: Midwest


City / State: Fort Worth, TX

My current series of paintings evoke an emotive, internal and critical site. Comprised of shifting elements and surfaces, the images strip away and reject the uplifting grandeur that once was a foundation of the Romantic landscape genre.

Romanticism's portrayal of nature and the infinite serve as backdrop to my images. The depiction of a dark, desolate and unstable arctic clime pushes the viewer to acknowledge a deflating of the sublime and lack of redemptive Romantic characteristics in the images.

The icescapes fail us in a variety of ways, initially refusing to dictate motion and time. The threatened site provokes feelings of loss. We find the icescapes illuminated by a tenuous light emitting from the viewer's position. An investigation of the site leads to varying conclusions. Ultimately, there is little to discover. The glassy surface begins to reject the viewer's foray into the emptiness and a ghostly reflection of the viewer emerges, enhancing the sense of absence within the image.

The realization of disappointment and lack of answers is the anti-discovery. The lack of redemptive qualities in the images leaves the viewer in a state of mournful flux. This unstable engagement mimics our navigation through the contemporary world where concrete truths are always in question.