Aaron Storck

Gallery Affiliations: Dolphin Gallery

Region: West


I work through my process with my materials in 2012. I contrive characters and costumes and build things. Shoot video and photo. Write poems and speak language and perform to video cameras or for crowds—I work in the computer. In the computer, I create song, edit video, make website, manipulate my shots in Photoshop. I print ink-jet on different pieces of paper and collage to canvases. I get into the painter’s process HEAVY. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, I utilize my philosophy throughout my practice. When I’m in the gallery, I get into some real installation structure process. Display the videos and paintings. Experiment for all-together-medium-expression; HOLISTIC ART PRACTICE. Aaron Storck as Artist, as Multi-Man. Artist as expression of Universe and problems. Is Art Valuable like Science? Ridiculous Wizard-Shaman character serves as foil for Artists’ dream of the value of their profession. I believe and I don’t believe. I want to inspire skepticism as well as delight in the viewer. I MAKE ART ABOUT THINGS THAT I FIND TO BE PROBLEMATIC, MYSTERIOUS, AND EXCITING.