Aaron Robert Baker

Region: Midwest

Website: https://www.aaronrobertbaker.com/

City / State: Chicago, IL

 My work explores the symmetry between beauty and awkwardness, happiness and despair, the natural and the synthetic. Transformation and anthropomorphism interest me, as does our ability to turn any combination of shapes into a visual language.

I give all of my drawings the same title, Head, as a nod to the systematic process I use to make them. I work in a consistent format and with a limited vocabulary. Beginning with the same egg-shaped outline for each one, I fill it with circles and lines until a figure emerges. I then layer in dots and marks and allow this mark-making, and how it looks as it accumulates, to determine whether a shape is on top, underneath, concave or convex. Though my approach is process-based, it is ultimately intuitive. Every artwork is an exploration and I am open to surprises.

When I was in the second grade, my teacher told my parents that I had drawn an impressive cheeseburger and that they should enroll me in art classes. I have been an artist ever since.