Aaron Delehanty

Region: Pacific Coast

I am interested in the notion, commonly agreed upon by historians, that eras of human progress are always preceded by eras of regression. What I find particularly interesting is the pessimistic tendency of humans to frequently believe that the era they are living in is the latter, but when the future comes along and hindsight can be applied, we find that in a lot of those cases the gloomy prognostications were wrong, what was believed to be a period of deep non-progress was in reality a period of immense forward evolution.

Throughout my paintings and drawings runs a common theme of human activity, human development and interaction with space and nature. What I mean to achieve with my work is that same climate of uncertainty that one's present era always seems to have, or, more to the point- representations of activities that are either going to lead to progress, or to regression, but we do not know for sure. With all my work comes the same sort of uncertainty that one's current reality has, a reality which each individual has for themselves to determine what is actually going on.