Karla Wozniak

Gallery Affiliations: Gregory Lind Gallery

Region: Pacific Coast

Website: https://www.karlawozniak.com

City / State: Alameda, CA

My recent paintings are based on places I visit around the United States. The spaces I depict are typically in transition. One may pass by them, barely registering their existence beyond the barrage of advertising that floods one’s vision. I am fascinated by these in-between spaces—their architecture, strange juxtapositions, ironies, ugliness, and beauty.

My paintings are part documentary, and part authored and imagined. Each painting represents many different views of a certain geographic area. In this recent work there are fewer representational passages that play with color, shape, and compositional and textural relationships. These abstract moments often teeter on the edge of representation and evoke surfaces, graphic advertising, lighting, weather, and time of day. The complex compositions are meant to organize and synthesize disparate modes of depiction.

Taking visual information from landscape as a jumping-off point, the paintings are personal and almost hallucinatory reinventions of a certain highway strip, rest stop, or Main Street. They render these mundane drive-by places specific and memorable.