Bruce Mortenson

Region: Midwest

My art is the transmutation of mind energy into physical form. The mind’s ability to deliver new thoughts of insight, intuition, and creative inventiveness has never ceased to amaze me. I am fascinated with those moments of inspiration that hit me like a lightning bolt. This is at the core of why I create. My art is a culminated journey and manifestation of a personal, visual language. The ephemeral nature of ideas is what keeps me in constant motion, sketching, experimenting, playing with ambiguities and blobby squiggles of paint.

My paintings are like cornucopias, channeling devices and visual scrims through which I assign symbols, emblems, line, and physical matter onto a working surface. This is my menagerie of child-like, whimsical, biomorphic, futuristic and narrative themes. I employ a graphic sense to blur the boundary between commercial and fine art. It is through my art and mind that I wish to inspire and open the creative channels that exist inside everyone.